Battle Hub

The Battle Hub in Awaken is a groundbreaking game mode that redefines the traditional gameplay experience. This central arena unites players from across the game's expansive universe, offering them the space to interact, communicate, and engage in fierce combat. The concept of the Battle Hub revolves around exploration, communication, intense battles, and the formation of strategic alliances.

Within the Battle Hub, players gain access to a centralized hub featuring an array of captivating places and areas. This hub is designed with a playground area, shops, and various enticing spaces to encourage players to explore and willingly dive into intense combat against their rivals.

Unite Gamers

Awaken's Battle Hub serves as a central meeting point for players to congregate and connect. Within this hub, players can utilize the avatars they've created in the Avatar Creator to socialize with fellow gamers.

The Battle Hub can host a substantial group of 20-50 players simultaneously. Here, players have various means of communication at their disposal, including emotes, stickers, and chat features.

Select Master Character

To enter the fray, players must first choose a master character to accompany them in the battle. Awaken offers a diverse roster of masters, each with unique skills, fighting styles, and captivating storylines. Choosing the right master is a strategic decision that can lead players to victory.

Real-time Battles

In the Battle Hub, players can access the traditional fighting world through the gaming machines in the playground area. This dynamic hub can host 20-50 joined players simultaneously, fostering communication through emojis, stickers, and chat.

This mode is characterized by real-time battles, offering players the choice to go solo or team up to take on their opponents. Battles can be default or customizable, spanning from one-on-one duels to grand-scale team-based conflicts within duo or squad teams. This diversity adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the overall gaming experience.

Brand Center

Dynamic objectives and rewards

The Battle Hub continually presents dynamic objectives, encouraging players to compete strategically for rewards, conquer territories, and climb the leaderboards. Rewards can include in-game currency, unique items, and recognition in the Awaken gaming community.

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