"The Samba Siren"

Basic Information

  • Name: Larissa

  • Age: 30

  • Identity: Brazil

  • Gender: Female

  • Height: 5'74 fts

  • Weight: 121,3 pounds

  • Hates: Romance

  • Likes: Dance, Vibrant Music

Larissa's Story

Growing up in a humble slum in Rio de Janeiro, Larissa has embraced her rich cultural heritage and added a contemporary twist by incorporating dance, music, and street art into her martial style. Larissa's origins bring the vibrant energy of homeland to the forefront. Known as "The Samba Siren", her fighting style is an enchanting fusion of dance and street art martial techniques. Larissa's movements are a breathtaking spectacle, harmonizing grace and strength in a way that transcends conventional combat norms. Her approach revolutionizes the concept of power in the arena, proving that precision and finesse can be just as formidable as sheer force.

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